novec 1230 system
emergency intervention equipment
fire brigade and techn equipment for vehicle
fireproof compartmentalization
smoke and heat evacuation systems
fire protection management

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Halon Bank is synonymous with integrated "tailor-made" (fire) protection for people and property, in a trustful relationship with our customers and co-workers. aiming at a profitable growth.

We have always grown together with the evolving needs of the user.

We started in 1962 with the portable fire extinguisher. Then, we first expanded with the fixed fire-fighting installations and fire engines, later on with fire detection and fireproof doors.

Since the eighties, we offer total fire protection from one single hand! Currently, this package is being integrated in a comprehensive system of electronic security with burglar alarms, access control and camera surveillance.

We have a solution for every situation, always in a professional, high-quality manner! We always have a professional, high-quality solution for any risk.
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